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Full Mouth Reconstruction: How Your Dentist Can Rebuild Your Smile

December 4, 2022

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patient smiling after their full mouth reconstruction in Torrance

Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you—so if you desire a brighter and healthier smile, a full mouth reconstruction is one of your best options! This involves your dentist in Torrance utilizing a variety of procedures to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Here’s a little more about the process and some of the things that go into it.


What to Expect When Recovering from a Full Mouth Reconstruction

December 2, 2022

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dental visit in Torrance

If you’re hoping to fully revamp your smile, a full mouth reconstruction in Torrance might be your best bet. But you might be wondering what goes into this process and what you can expect during the recovery? Here’s what you need to know about a few of the procedures used during a full mouth reconstruction and what you can anticipate afterwards.


4 Ways to Appreciate Your Teeth This Thanksgiving

November 17, 2022

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Grandma and granddaughter holding pie

It’s nearly that time of year that you’ve been waiting for. Whether you are looking forward to catching up with relatives, or you are just spending Thanksgiving with your significant other this year, there is nothing like a delicious, home-cooked meal – especially when everyone in the family is contributing. However, Thanksgiving isn’t the best holiday when it comes to your pearly whites. Continue reading to learn some holiday tips to appreciate your smile as you celebrate Thanksgiving!


Four Frightening Dental Health Statistics

October 5, 2022

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Woman showing a frightened expression.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you—so you should want your teeth and gums to look and feel their absolute best! But unfortunately, many people still neglect their oral care; and many serious dental issues are much more widespread that you may realize! Here are four frightening statistics from your dentist that’ll hopefully encourage you to remain diligent in the ongoing fight against oral health issues.


Non-Candy Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

October 3, 2022

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Children trick-or-treating during Halloween.

The weather is finally cooling off, the leaves are changing color, and Halloween is right around the corner! It’s hard to not be excited about this time of the year, and if you have little ones, they’re probably looking forward to the mountains of candy they’ll collect while trick-or-treating. However, all of this candy can actually be quite hazardous for one’s oral health! Here’s more from your dentist about the link between sugar and oral health along with some Halloween candy alternatives you and your child can enjoy this spooky season!


Why You Should Choose a Dentist with a Cone Beam Scanner

October 1, 2022

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Patient at the dentist’s office with a cone beam scanner.

If you have missing teeth you need to replace, dental implants are one of the best available solutions for doing so. These incredible implants are able to fully replicate your lost pearly whites and immediately improve your smile’s appearance and overall functionality. That said, if you’re interested in dental implants, you should consider getting them from a dentist that utilizes the latest in advanced dental technology, such as a cone beam scanner. Read on to learn more about this incredible piece of equipment and how it helps with the dental implant process.


Why You Should Get a Tooth-Colored Filling Instead of an Amalgam One

September 30, 2022

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patient smiling after getting tooth-colored fillings in Torrance

Do you still have a few metal fillings in your mouth? Long ago, these restorations were the only solution for improving damaged or decayed teeth. While they offer many different benefits, there are some downsides that may overpower their advantages. In this blog post, you’ll learn a few reasons why you should consider replacing your amalgam fillings with the latest solution to cavity repair – tooth-colored fillings!


4 Surprising Cavity-Causing Foods

September 29, 2022

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4 Surprising Cavity-Causing Foods

Most children look forward to Halloween because they’re excited to dress up in costume and go door-to-door collecting candy. While these sweet treats are notorious for causing cavities, they’re not the only food that can put your family’s oral health at risk. Some other lesser-known foods and drinks are just as dangerous to your smile! That said, here are four cavity-causing foods that may surprise you with how much they contribute to decay.


What Issues Can Keep You from Getting Dental Implants?

September 13, 2022

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dental implant consultation in Torrance

Tooth loss can affect more than just your appearance – it can impact your overall quality of life. Fortunately, dental implants can replace missing teeth and give you a complete, healthy, fully functioning smile. Unlike other tooth-replacement options, implants can last decades or even a lifetime with proper maintenance. Sadly, not every patient is a good candidate for this high-quality solution. Continue reading to learn about a few issues that could get in your way and which treatment options are available to help.


How Can I Tell If There’s a Cavity Between My Teeth?

August 17, 2022

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A woman inspecting her teeth in the bathroom mirror.

The American Dental Association estimates that over 91% of Americans over the age of 20 have had a at least one cavity in their life—which is a staggering estimate! However, cavities aren’t always obvious—in fact, they can even form between your teeth. But how are you supposed to know when this happens, and what can you do about it? After all, cavities can be accompanied by some pretty painful consequences! Keep reading to learn more from your dentist about interproximal cavities and some tips for preventing them.

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