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Freehand or Guided Implant Placement?

October 12, 2021

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patient thinking about guided implant placement

These days, when you want to get a message to someone quickly, you bust out your phone and text them. You wouldn’t send them a telegram or mail them a letter. But then again, there are times, such as birthdays, when sending an old-fashioned, hand-written card is the perfect way to show someone you care. A similar dichotomy exists with dental technology and placing implants.

To place an implant in the upper or lower ridge, dentists can either perform the procedure “freehand” or use technology to guide them. Each method has its own advantages. Read on to learn more about what these benefits are!


Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

August 18, 2021

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Smiling woman relaxing on patio in the summer

With the last month of summer here, you may be making plans to head to the beach or schedule a last-minute family barbeque. However, now is also the perfect time to get your wisdom teeth extracted if you haven’t already! After all, neglecting to do so can lead to further problems, like oral pain and infection. If you need a little extra motivation, here are five perks of getting your wisdom teeth extracted this summer.


Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

August 14, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 3:04 pm
dental X-ray showing impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is considered almost a rite of passage for many young patients. Typically, teenagers and young adults are the most likely candidates for the procedure, as this is when the third molars tend to erupt. For some, these teeth move into place with no issues at all; however, many individuals experience a partial eruption or impacted wisdom teeth. As a result, these cases can lead to worsening oral health problems if left untreated. Read on to learn what can happen if these third molars are left in place and why it’s necessary to perform a wisdom tooth extraction on certain patients.


6 Warning Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

July 30, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 2:31 pm
Illustration of an impacted wisdom tooth

Commonly referred to as “wisdom teeth,” your third set of molars typically make an appearance between your late teens and early twenties. Although some emerge without complications, the large majority of patients struggle with at least one impacted tooth. Fortunately, your dentist can extract the problematic teeth, restoring your quality of life. To make getting the treatment you need as seamless as possible, you should get in contact with your dental team when the first signs of an impacted wisdom tooth arise. Keep reading to learn what they are!


It’s Time to Put These 4 Cosmetic Dentistry Myths to Rest

June 6, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 1:14 pm
an up-close view of a person’s teeth and a dental mirror in Torrance

You want to transform your smile and hide your imperfections but the negative discussions you’ve heard about this type of dental work have you concerned. With so many blogs, forums, and online articles centering on the different types of cosmetic treatments, it’s easy to fall victim to the misinformation out there. Among the sea of positive experiences are various ideas that these services are harmful and dangerous. Fortunately, that is not true at all. In fact, we believe it’s time to dispel these 4 cosmetic dentistry myths in Torrance once and for all.


3 Ways to Get Your Smile Ready for the Summer

May 21, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 2:20 pm
Woman on a beach with brilliant smile

Summer is approaching fast, which means it’s almost time for the entire family to head out on vacation. However, if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you may be somewhat apprehensive about how your smile will look in your vacation photos. Your cosmetic dentist in Torrance can give your confidence a boost by improving your smile in a variety of ways. Below are 3 cosmetic treatments that can help you improve your smile for the summer.


Invisalign: What You Need to Know

April 15, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 2:00 pm
Dentist answering male patient's Invisalign questions during consultation

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth with Invisalign? You have a lot to look forward to! This treatment is effective, convenient, and discreet. Still, it is understandable if you have some Invisalign questions that you would like to have answered before you embark on your treatment. Below, we discuss some of the top FAQs about Invisalign.


4 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Smile on a Budget

April 4, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 1:13 pm
Woman holding piggy bank, used dental financing for cosmetic services

Countless individuals would like to improve the way their teeth look. The idea of visiting a cosmetic dentist appeals to them, but they hesitate because they assume that the cost will be prohibitive. That’s an understandable outlook, but you might be surprised by how affordable cosmetic dentistry can be if you apply a few simple tips. Let’s talk about how dental financing and other practical measures can help you achieve your dream smile on a budget.


When Should You Replace Your Dentures?

March 4, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 7:18 pm
Dentures soaking in glass

Are you missing teeth? One of the great things about living in today’s world is the fact that you don’t need to settle for missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can be a thing of the past. There are a few different options out there to replace your missing teeth, like dentures. This tooth replacement option can be lifechanging for people who are missing most of or all of their teeth. While they have become quite durable over the years, they are not indestructible. They need to be replaced over time. Here are some signs that you may need to take them to your dentist to be evaluated.


Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which Is Best For Jawbone Preservation?

February 23, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — bluecoast @ 2:28 pm
Dentist showing smiling woman her X-rays

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 adults over the age of 65 is missing all of their teeth. Plus, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recently shared that a whopping 70% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth. Fortunately, there are two tried-and-true, lifelike tooth-replacement options available today: dentures and dental implants. But which one can address the aesthetic of your smile while also providing jawbone preservation? Read on for the answer!

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