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Full Mouth Reconstruction - Torrance, CA

Rebuild a Beautiful, Functional Smile

Your teeth are important for more than just a beautiful smile. They allow you to perform necessary functions like chewing, biting, and even speaking. Your teeth also influence your self-esteem and your general health. If your mouth is riddled with decay, infection, or missing teeth, you might experience daily pain or struggle to perform simple tasks, like chewing your favorite foods. You don’t need to live with a less than perfect smile. Our dental office can rehabilitate your teeth with full mouth reconstruction in Torrance, CA. We’ll stop your pain, repair your teeth, and improve your confidence using a personalized treatment plan and the latest innovations in dentistry.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves a combination of select restorative and cosmetic services to restore the health, function, and appearance of the teeth. Your treatment plan caters to your specific needs, which are determined during your initial consultation. We’ll discuss our recommendations to help you feel confident in the decisions you’re making for your smile.

What Can I Expect with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Model of an all-ceramic dental crown.

After your consultation, you’ll be scheduled to begin the transformation process, which can take a single appointment or several visits depending on your needs. You might benefit from 1 or more procedures, such as:


A dental crown covers the surface of a tooth above the gum line to provide an added layer of protection or restore the tooth’s health, function, or appearance. It’s often used along with other treatments, like a bridge to replace 1 or more consecutive missing teeth.

Onlays & Inlays

Onlays and inlays provide a middle ground between a filling and a crown to treat a large area of decay.


Veneers are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth to improve their color, size, shape, and proportion. You can correct several aesthetic concerns using one procedure.

Dental Implants

A dental implant replaces the entire structure of a tooth, including the root. This is a viable solution to treat all severities of tooth loss.


Dentures are a conventional option to treat significant tooth loss to restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile without any concern.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Model of a single tooth dental implant.

If you have a less than perfect smile, you can invest in your oral health and your quality of life with full mouth reconstruction. You’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved oral health and functions
  • Relieve oral pain
  • Improved general health

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

woman smiling after full mouth reconstruction in Torrance

Motivated to get your grin back on track but wondering if you may need more than one dental treatment to get there? Don’t worry, a full mouth reconstruction can facilitate the improvement with a combination of select restorative and cosmetic services. Your cosmetic dentist in Torrance is ready to help you get there. Before you schedule a consultation, it makes sense that you might have some preliminary questions. On that note, our team here at Blue Coast Dental Group has compiled some frequently asked questions from past patients. If you don’t see your question below, be sure to contact our office!

How Long Will My Full Mouth Reconstruction Results Last?

The answer truly depends on the treatments you’re getting. While traditional dentures can last for 10 years with proper care, the lifespan of dental implants can be more than three decades. While dental bonding can provide you with a smile upgrade for several years at a time, veneers can last for 15-plus years. If you are unsure of the longevity of your investment, don’t hesitate to ask during your initial consultation.

Will People Be Able to Tell That I Had a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If your teeth were severely misaligned, badly chipped, or plagued with stubborn stains, then it’s very likely that people will be able to tell you’ve had a full mouth reconstruction. Rest assured, the only attention you draw will be positive! After all, each treatment plan is 100 percent customized to the patient, considering their facial structure, skin tone, age, and personal preferences. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that the end result won’t turn heads for the wrong reasons.

I’ve Had a Full Mouth Reconstruction – Is There Anything I Can’t Eat?

Whether you are getting dental crowns, veneers, dental implants, or something in between, there is a good chance you’ll need to stick to soft foods in the beginning. Yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, and soup are all great options. Once you’ve healed and your permanent restorations are in place, you’ll have the green light from your dentist to enjoy all your favorites again. Just make sure to continue to exercise caution with extremely hard, sticky, or sugary foods.

How Do I Care for My Smile After Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Whether you replaced all your teeth with dental implants or enhanced a few with veneers and dental crowns, taking care of your new and improved smile is imperative. Doing so requires a commitment to a solid oral hygiene routine. Some crucial best practices include brushing for two full minutes both morning and evening, flossing daily, limiting your consumption of sugar, and visiting your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. You should also avoid unhealthy dental habits, like smoking, nail-biting, chewing on ice, and using your teeth as tools to open things.

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Take?

Since each full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is different, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The number of services you’re getting and the type of smile-enhancing solution you’re considering are two examples of factors that will play a role. For example, porcelain veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment that can transform your smile in as little as two appointments. On the other hand, dental implants can take six-plus months to complete depending on the extent of your tooth loss and your smile goals. Don’t worry, our cosmetic dentist can provide you with an estimate during your initial consultation for a full mouth reconstruction in Torrance.

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Man with a healthy smile after full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction can give you the healthy, functional smile you deserve. Contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation.

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