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Make 2019 the Year of Your Smile!

woman smiling in dental chair

With 2019 underway, now is the time to start thinking about your resolutions. Many people change their habits to lose weight or quit smoking, but maintaining good oral health does not get the attention it should be. In fact, many people still don’t believe they need to go to the dentist because they don’t have any current problems with their oral health! This may sound reasonable on the surface, but this mentality has some significant implications.

Keeping up with routine checkups and cleanings is an easy and straightforward way to maintain long-term oral health. However, it’s not the only way to make your resolution smile-centric this year. In the first newsletter of 2019, we’ll also discuss how you can boost your confidence via cosmetic dentistry! When it comes to oral health goals, the possibilities are endless at Blue Coast Dental!

Checkups and Cleanings:
A Simple and Effective Commitment

Patient visiting dentist

It’s a common myth to believe that dental visits aren’t necessary if you don’t have any issues with your teeth or gums. Based on an analysis from the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute, it’s one of the most common reasons why people didn’t plan on visiting the dentist in the next 12 months. The reality is dental health issues don’t make themselves apparent like other issues might.

For example, tooth decay only really appears after the damage has already been done to your enamel and underlying layers. The same goes for gum disease; the only noticeable sign of an early infection is bleeding while flossing. However, if you don’t floss regularly, you won’t even notice this issue is apparent.

The only way to know for sure that no problems are present (as well as confirm that your at-home care is sufficient) is to attend regular checkups. Cleanings are also required to remove tartar, a calcified form of plaque that only dentists can remove.

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Cosmetic Dentistry:
Gain Confidence in Everything That You Do

Person visiting their dentist

Routine checkups and cleanings are key to every oral care regimen, but that doesn’t mean your resolution has to be exclusively centered around these appointments. Many people want their smile to look as attractive as it is healthy, but certain events or previous habits make that very difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for permanently stained or chipped teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments can make it easier to show your smile off to friends, coworkers and people you’d like to make a positive first impression too. These include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Metal-free restorations
  • Teeth whitening
  • Direct bonding
  • Dental crowns

When you have a smile you’re comfortable with showing, your confidence, self-esteem and overall outlook will be higher and more positive. Once your teeth are healthy, the next best step for your smile-centric resolution is creating a smile that meets your standards.

Blue Coast Dental Takes Comfort and Care Seriously

Dental patient

In our many years of serving the Torrance community, we’ve seen first-hand how important comfort is in dentistry. Those who don’t feel comfortable at the dentist are not going to feel inclined to make an effort to show up, so it’s incredibly important to us to make sure that your needs are being met as you receive treatment.

For example, it’s easy to kick back and enjoy your favorite tv show or movie on a nearby monitor while we complete your cleaning or place your restoration. We also use devices like The Wand to improve comfort, a device designed to take away the “pinch” that tends to accompany anesthetics. Additionally, our office uses soft tissue lasers to improve not just your comfort during the appointment, but afterwards as well.

If you haven’t been to our office in a long time, there’s no better time than now to schedule your appointments. Committing to biannual checkups and cleanings is easy once you get started, and coming in for your overdue appointment is the perfect way to do so. We hope to see you and your family members soon!

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