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How Dental Bonding Can Revitalize Your Smile

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The dentists and team members at Blue Coast Dental understand that a healthy smile is always the highest priority. But what if instead of tooth decay or gum disease, you’re dealing with an entirely different problem altogether? What if your teeth are filled with chips, cracks, and discolorations resulting from aging or other factors unrelated to your oral health? Thankfully, Blue Coast Dental has the answer.

With the help of dental bonding, you can restore your smile at a relatively low cost, achieve immediate results, and get it all done in a single appointment. When you’ve already got a healthy smile to be proud of, why shouldn’t you be capable of showing it off?

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll be going into detail on how she expertly formulates the best materials available, applies them with clinical and artistic precision, and transforms your smile instantly.

The Materials Used in Dental Bonding

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When we think about enamel, we think about a solid piece of organic material. However, it’s actually closer to being a series of layers. This structure is what helps make enamel the hardest substance in the human body. Because of this, it’s essential that your dentist uses the best materials she can find when performing dental bonding treatments.

To accomplish this, she utilizes the same high quality materials you’d find with tooth-colored fillings. This micro-filled (also known as composite) resin has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can withstand daily use. Furthermore, since enamel is translucent, your dentist needs to carefully blend and shade the bonding material so it reflects and refracts light naturally.

As a result, you get a tooth that looks natural, blends in with your existing teeth, and makes your smile look complete once again.

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The Science of Bonding

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Dental bonding isn’t only about making the tooth look natural. It’s just as much about making sure it stays in place and functions like existing teeth. That’s why your dentist uses the proper equipment to protect your mouth, while ensuring the material establishes a long-lasting bond with your enamel.

To do this, she utilizes a rubber dam, which prevents any moisture from reaching the resin while it’s bonding. This will ensure that the bond achieves maximum strength and longevity. Once placed, a curing light is focused on the area, which hardens the material almost instantly. Once hardened, your dentist uses artificial light to test the reflective properties of the resin, confirming that it reflects and refracts light properly. By carefully blending and shading the resin, your dentist makes the color and depth of your bonding even more organically enhanced.

Experience Your Dentist’s Artistic Ability

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The process for dental bonding is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean just any dentist can make it look natural. Cosmetic dentistry challenges the dentist to utilize their artistic abilities, not just their clinical expertise to achieve a beautiful smile.

That’s why Dr. Hamzehpour treats every dental bonding with a unique approach. Building a treatment plan that meets the patient’s needs is always the highest priority. By continuing her education in cosmetic dentistry extensively, she can fill the gaps, chips, and cracks in your smile or remove discoloration that won’t respond to whitening treatments. Additionally, her training gives patients an alternative to the invasive and time-consuming process of receiving porcelain veneers.

For an economical solution to cosmetic imperfections, dental bonding just might be right for you. If you want a fast and convenient treatment that lets you walk out of the office with a new smile the same day, consider this treatment the next time you visit your cosmetic dentist in Torrance. At Blue Coast Dental, we can’t wait to give you the beautiful smile that matches the state of your oral health!

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