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Spring Cleaning for Your Teeth!

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Spring is practically here in Torrance, which means flowers are blooming and neighbors are taking a second look at the current state of their homes. It’s a time-honored tradition to purge our homes of clothing, electronics, knick-knacks, utensils and outdoor equipment we simply don’t use anymore. By the time you finish decluttering and cleaning your home, you’ll feel a great sense of pride thanks to your productivity.

In many ways, spring cleaning can be carried over to other areas of your to-do list, including your oral health! Your home requires routine maintenance to keep in order, but the same logic applies to your oral health. As medical professionals say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and routine dental visits are the bedrock of maintaining positive oral health in the long-term.

In this month’s newsletter, we hope you consider how dedicated dental visits can and should be a part of your spring cleaning regimen in 2019 and beyond!

Discover Issues Before They Catch You by Surprise!

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Anyone with a garage or large enough closet is sure to have plenty of tools and equipment they don’t use or clothing they don’t wear. However, what these people may not realize is the potential dust and unwelcome guests that can develop as these areas go untouched long enough. Dust, debris and vermin can easily start to collect in the deep pockets of your home that you were unaware of, effectively creating a space that is less clean than could be.

The same logic can be applied to dental plaque on the surfaces of teeth and gums. Even if you don’t notice the plaque now nor experience any problems with your oral health in its current state, chances are more than likely that pockets of plaque and tartar are collecting in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Instead of letting them fester, you’ll need a professional cleaning from one of our trained dentists.

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The Power of Help and Second Opinions

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When you’ve been living in your home for many years, it becomes difficult to remove implicit bias of your home’s current state. What you may concern to be normal or a non-issue could be more significant to a third party. Furthermore, having another person, whether they be a friend or family member, aid you in your spring cleaning can make the occasion not just easier to finish, but begin as well.

When you visit our office for an exam and cleaning, you aren’t only getting a professional’s opinion on the current state of your oral health. You’re getting a far more thorough cleaning than what you could accomplish on your own. No spring cleaning event should be done by yourself, and no amount of at-home oral care can equate to what one of our dentists can provide.

Avoid Home and Dental Emergencies This Spring!

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Spring cleaning does far more than simply make your home look nicer and less cluttered. It also works to reduce your risk of an emergency later. For example, having a decluttered garage is sure to make your home less of a fire hazard. Based on data from the U.S. Fire Administration, 6,600 fires broke out annually from 2009 to 2011 in garages attached to single-family homes and other residential buildings. On average, $54,800 worth of damage occurred as a result of these emergencies.

Whether it’s spring cleaning your home or your mouth, it’s always better to do it if it means saving money on restorative or emergency costs. As mentioned earlier, a little prevention can go much further than treating an issue after it already appears. Just like renovating a garage or home after fire damage, a dental crown or root canal therapy is always going to cost more than taking the time to practice preventive measures.

Spring cleaning provides families and homeowners an opportunity for new beginnings. While you’re going through old memories and items you don’t use anymore, we hope that you consider paying the dentists and team members at Blue Coast Dental a visit in the near future!

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