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Reduce Health Risks with Good Oral Hygiene!

Woman flossing her teeth

If you had the chance to reduce your risk of systemic illness, such as cardiovascular disease or stroke, wouldn’t you? That’s what dentists across the country are asking their patients, including Dr. Hamzehpour, Dr. Cho and Dr. Refela. They, as well as the rest of the dental and medical community, have come to the conclusion that your oral health is directly linked to your overall health. If your mouth is unhealthy, whether it’s because of tooth decay or gum disease, your risk for other illnesses dramatically increases.

Luckily, oral hygiene and routine dental visits can make all the difference. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll go over the link between the mouth and body and how you can protect yourself for life. After all, there’s nothing more important in life than your health, oral or otherwise.

How are Oral and Overall Health Linked?

Woman having dental cleaning

It’s the common belief among medical professionals that the more information they have about a patient, the better care they can provide. The more familiar they are with pre-existing conditions, the more catered a treatment plan can be. Of course, doctors not only improve treatment plans when they know more about the patient; they can create more accurate diagnoses as well.

According to years of research conducted by many reputable medical organizations, many diseases carry an oral-systemic connection. For example, patients with gum disease are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke because of oral bacteria’s additional access to the rest of the body. As the connective tissue in the gums breaks down, the barrier separating the mouth from the body is reduced. This allows plaque-causing bacteria normally exclusive to the mouth to travel anywhere in the body.

Another rising issue is oral cancer, a deadly disease that affects the throat and mouth. In response to the thousands of people who die every year from oral cancer, a growing number of dentists are including cancer screenings in their preventive treatment plans. Catching it early is crucial for a better chance of survival and more effective treatment.

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How Does Dental Hygiene Play a Part?

Woman holding mouthwash

The good news is common dental issues like gum disease are largely preventable. Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing daily are key habits to maintain throughout the year. However, you should also be scheduling dental visits at least once every six months.

Routine visits help you keep teeth clean, but also help you catch early signs of disease before they have a chance to do damage. The sooner we know that gum disease is an issue, the sooner we can provide treatment and lower your risk of systemic disease. The same applies to oral cancer, which in many cases goes undetected due to the lack of symptoms or infrequent dental visits.

Some people carry a higher risk of gum disease and don’t even realize it. For example, pregnant women are at higher risk of gum disease because of their fluctuating hormones. If you do suffer from chronic gum disease, Dr. Refela is available to provide you highly-catered treatment.

How Can Dr. Refela’s Expertise Help You?

Woman having a dental checkup

During Dr. Refela’s dental schooling, he chose to pursue the field of periodontics. This field focuses on diseases that affect gum tissue and the best ways to treat and manage them. By having him available to speak to at the practice, Dr. Hamzehpour and Dr. Cho can work with him to create a more catered treatment that meets your needs. Furthermore, our office utilizes a soft tissue laser, an ideal tool for treating gum recession caused by infected gum tissue and removing bacteria behind the gum line.

When you’re overall health is at risk, you don’t hesitate to get it handled by a professional. Why should it be any different for your oral health, especially when they’re connected? If you’re experiencing oral issues or simply haven’t been to our practice in a long time, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Torrance today!

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