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From All of Us at Blue Coast Dental – Thank You

At Blue Coast Dental, our dentists and team members have been working tirelessly to ensure that your dental appointments are not only 100% safe, but just as productive and enjoyable as they were before the pandemic even began.

We cannot stress enough how honored and grateful we are to the many patients who have continued coming to us for care, especially throughout 2020. Without you, our practice would not be where it is today and it’s you that has allowed us to remain open and serving the dental services we enjoy providing.

On top of that, Dr. Hamzehpour, Dr. Cho, and Dr. Galvan could not be happier to have such a dedicated team working alongside them. Our team members’ passion and initiative to keep patients safe and perform necessary steps to eliminate disease transmission has resulted in no cases stemming from our office since we reopened.

With that said, we want to continue doing our part to help friends and families stay safe and protect their oral health throughout the holiday season. That’s why below, we want to highlight a few of the most important holiday foods we believe you should keep away from. We hope that you find our newsletter helpful as you prepare for Thanksgiving next week!

Foods to Be Aware of During Your Thanksgiving

While there are many foods to enjoy during Thanksgiving, we recommend either skipping or limiting the following options in order to protect your oral health this holiday season. At the very least, it’s crucial to perform oral care following the consumption of any of these foods. However, it’s best to cut them out altogether to lower your risk of tooth decay and dental emergencies.

Candy Canes

It’s more likely that you’ll find these in the kitchen or living room after you’ve already had your Thanksgiving meal, but that doesn’t mean you should eat them. Not only are they basically pure sugar but chewing it the wrong way can leave your tooth chipped or even cracked! For all intents and purposes, swap them for something softer, such as chocolate or baked good (if you must indulge.)

Dried Fruit

While dried fruit may appear to be healthier at first, they can easily stick to your teeth and promote plaque development. Some brands also tend to add large amounts of excess sugar, making them even more harmful. Instead, opt for fresh fruits that don’t stick to or in between teeth.


While eggnog is either a love it or hate it treat for most people, it’s still quite high in sugar regardless. Alcohol is not particularly great for your teeth either, but eggnog has the burden of being alcoholic and sometimes containing as much sugar as soda. Skip it for another beverage that doesn’t contain any sugar whatsoever.

From all of us at Blue Coast Dental, we want to say thanks again for choosing us for all of your oral health needs. Without our patients and are hardworking team members, we wouldn’t be able to provide the dental services that we do throughout the year. We hope that you’re staying safe, healthy and enjoying your holiday season!

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